Repairing Your Roof

Basic Roof Repair

Although roof repair is not always straightforward, the complexity of the renovation will depend on the type of roof you have. Here in this short article, we will talk about roof repair and how to do deal with the repairs on a basic roof.

Composition Shingle Roofing Repair

Shingle roof repair will require a basic knowledge of hand tools. If your roof is at a high pitch, you may want to consider using a scaffold. If you are doing the whole roof, you will want to make a measurement of the roof. If not, measure the width and length of the area to be repaired to make sure you purchase enough shingles. You must also buy felt and nails to complete the repair. Once you have removed the old material, usually with a shovel, lay the new felt paper out in rows and put nails in them to keep them down. After nailing them down, use a caulking gun and cover the nails to make sure they do not leak rain into the house. After the caulking dries, it is time to lay the shingles for your roof repair.

Start at The Bottom

Make the shingles fit tightly so you will have a successful roof repair and no leaks. It is recommended you use four nails per shingle. It goes without saying, but you must start at the bottom and work your way up to the top, similar to laying brick. Continue until you reach the pinnacle of the roof, staggering each shingle over the previous shingle. Once you reach the pinnacle, you are finished with your roof repair.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof RepairFor flat roofs, roof repair is a bit different. If you see cracked or peeled areas, you must first clean the roof of all dirt before you repair an area such as this. If you have a razor knife, remove the bad areas you can see and as you cut, make the cut a definite rectangular or square shape. Keep this piece and use it as a template for the repair pieces. If you had to cut out more than one layer, you will, of course, need the same amount of new layers to bring the roof repair roof back to normal. Cut a new piece of shingle ( same size ) to cover the hole. Get a putty knife and put roofing cement under the edges of the hole you cut out. Now put the same roofing cement on the complete area of the hole. Then put the new piece of roofing ( shingle or whatever you chose ) over the hole. Tack it down with roofing nails. If you used layers, it is only the lowermost layer that will need cement, other layers will suffice with just tacking. Now cut a new piece again for your roof repair. It should be two inches larger than the hole on every side. This larger patch will go over everything and will need tacking also. Use the roofing cement to finish going around the edges of this top patch. You are done with your roof repair on a cracked or peeling area of a flat roof.

Installation Or Repair Must be Correct

As you can see, there is a method to roof repair. Done rightly, it is a money-saver. Done wrong, it will be a time-waster and also allow water to continue to damage your dwelling. Remember to step lightly on a flat roof. They can be a bit fragile compared to heavy duty boots.